With the full support of Hong KongDisneyland Resort (HKDL), the Committee on Home-School Co-operation(CHSC) has launched the “We Did It!” Award Scheme to recognizeimprovements seen in students who attend special schools andencourage the spirit of sharing love and appreciation. The scheme isone of the top 10 highlights of the “Appreciate Hong Kong” Campaign.

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Secretary of Administration of theHong Kong SAR Government, will be the Guest of Honor  at today’sCertificate Presentation Ceremony to award the students, teachers and caretakers. Other  officiating guests are Henry Tong Sau-chai, Chairman ofCHSC; Professor Paul Yip Siu-fai, Department of Social Work and SocialAdministration of the University of Hong Kong; and Samuel Lau Wing-kee,Managing Director of HKDL. After the ceremony, around 500 students and their caretakers will enjoy a day of celebration in the park.

Motivation, Caring and Appreciation

About 80% of the special schools around Hong Kong, or about 50 schools,participate in and support the “We Did It!” Award Scheme. These students with disabilities are recognized for given outstanding performances in the classroom or during an extracurricular activity, or for making significant improvements in their attitude toward learning, attention span or emotion management over  the 2015/16 academic year.

As part of the scheme, every school can nominate three outstanding students from each class. Every awarded participant can receive a certificate and three HKDL park tickets. The scheme also recognizes the hard work of their teachers and caretakers. HKDL is proud to be donating around 10,000 park tickets in recognition of the awardees’ achievements. Each participating school can also receive park tickets.

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Secretary of Administration of theHong Kong SAR Government thanked CHSC and HKDL for giving certificates and park tickets to encourage not only pupils from special schools with outstanding performance, but also caretakers who actively participate in home- school cooperation and teachers who have greatly supported students. She said, “The scheme is a highlight of the government’s territory-wide ‘Appreciate Hong Kong’ Campaign launched lastNovember, which is meant to consolidate forces from every sector  to instill positive energy in the  beautiful, energetic and caring city of HongKong and to show appreciation to those who’ve shown great tenacity and dedication to building our community. Just like ‘Appreciate Hong Kong,’the ‘We Did It!’ Award Scheme hopes to recognize outstanding students and caretakers and show appreciation those dedicated to taking care of students.”

Henry Tong Sau-Chai, Chairman of CHSC, appreciated the support andassistance of the government, schools and HKDL. He said, “We’re glad thescheme is one of the top 10 highlights of the ‘Appreciate
Hong Kong’ Campaign. ‘We Did It!’ has allowed CHSC to actively contributeto Hong Kong. We’re also thankful for the great response and support fromthe schools.”

Samuel Lau Wing-kee, Managing Director of HKDL, hoped the schemecould further motivate the students. He said, “These students face morechallenges in life than their peers do. The support from their families,caretakers and staff members from their schools is instrumental to theirgrowth. Their efforts are worth every dose of our appreciation, and thediligence they’ve shown truly demonstrates the Hong Kong spirit.”

Kwok hiu-ming, a Form 3 secondary school student at a special school,was nominated after making great strides in her attitude toward learning.She said, “No one was born clever. That’s why I’ve been paying moreattention to my studies during lessons and reading different publication bymyself. I hope I can enrich my knowledge.” Kwok also thanked herteachers and schoolmates for giving her opportunities to attend a variety ofactivities and services.

Another awarded student is Yum Kwok-fun, a Form 5 student who adoresathletics. She has represented Hong Kong at various international trackand field competitions.  Thanks to the encouragement and assistancefrom her family and teachers, she’s been able to successfully balance heracademic studies with her training and competitions, leading toimprovements.