On 12 May, the team at Walt’s – an American Restaurant unveils its new menu. It is part of the strategy to offer a quality restaurant service and a unique Guest experience at Disneyland Paris.

The design of Walt’s – an American Restaurant has been given a facelift as part of the impressive “re-imagination” plan for restaurants at the resort“For the past ten years, we have been focusing on making restaurants a more important part of our Guests’ overall experience,” states Faouzi Miloud, the on-site Food and Beverage Product and Communications Director.

Seasonality and product freshness are the magic words for the Food and Beverage Product Integration teams, but the Show key also remains an important part of their job. For example, the menu at the Yacht Club is part of the story told by Disney’s Newport Bay Club, with its New England-inspired dishes.

Several restaurants have already received a little extra Show magic: the California Grill, the Yacht Club, the Plaza Gardens Restaurant in 2015, and now Walt’s – an American Restaurant. The Restaurant des Stars and the Parkside Diner are next in line!

A revamped menu

This new menu offers American-inspired cuisine with a French touch, using fresh and seasonal produce. Each dish is related in some way to Walt and his story. Particular attention is thus paid to the “signature dishes”, embodying the culinary identity and theme of the restaurant. Just like our iconic attractions, signature dishes are an essential part of the Guest experience, and should make them want to come – and come back – to enjoy!

walts disneyland paris nouveau menu

Using orange juice in the signature dish, lobster poached in butter, is a reference to Walt’s love for California and Florida, where he built his first theme parks. Some of Walt’s own favourites, prepared by his cook Thelma Howard, are also on the menu. These include the potato salad that accompanies the grilled fillet of Angus beef, and the lemon tart, redesigned by the chef and his team. For younger gourmets, dessert rhyme with interactivity. Children can indeed create their own ice cream sundae according to their tastes and creativity.

Last but not least, the dishes on the new menu will be served on modern and elegant dinnerware, which will also strengthen the restaurant’s identity.

disney pour BS 14 avril 2016

Walt’s world 

Walt’s – an American Restaurant is a Guest favourite, thanks to its refined cuisine and hushed atmosphere. Its setting pays tribute to Walt Disney, which also makes it a unique place.

Right from the entrance, Guests can enjoy photographs from the archives tracing important moments in Walt Disney’s life, as well as a zoetrope, an optical device that creates the illusion of movement – a nod to Walt’s start in animation. The elegant glass-paned lift is a real work of art, featuring a forged iron cage and window panes engraved with an intertwining W and D. This design was originally imagined for the balcony of Walt Disney’s apartment overlooking New Orleans Square in Disneyland in California. On the upper floor, the six dining rooms are dedicated to the various worlds of the Disneyland Park. Sketches, models, and props that were used for the design of the attractions decorate each dining room.

Walts restaurant disneyland paris

walts restaurant disneyland paris salle fantasyland