The Disneyodendron Semperflorens Grandis is exceptional for two reasons. Not only is it the tallest tree at Disneyland® Paris as it towers at 27 meters over Adventureland, it is also the only tree to undergo a renovation. Indeed, for eight months the tree will be yet another of the elements to take part in the guest experience enhancement program that started in 2015. This refurbishment plan is destined to reinforce the quality of the Guest experience.

Initiated in January, the renovation of the Cabane des Robinson is above all structural which means the 200 meters-long spiral staircase leading to the top of the banyan tree will be completely renovated, with the help of a local carpentry. Also in natural wood, headlands and railings that make up the attraction will also be refurbished.

The family rooms guests visit will be spic ‘n span clean and the almost 1,000 accessories will be either repainted in Disneyland Paris’ Central Shops, or replaced if needed. In order to pursue the commitment of the company in reducing its energy consumption, all lighting (223 of them in the entire area) will be replaced with Led technology. Euro Disneyland Imagineering and  Maintenance teams are even going to restore its splendor to an iconic piece of prop, the waterwheel and the pulley system which in the story are used to supply fresh water to the whole Robinson family!

Beyond the attraction itself, other areas of Adventure Isle, the lush island surrounding the tree, are going to be restored. Many areas of vegetation will be pruned back to the ideal proportions recommended by the Imagineers while 11 waterfall systems will be refurbished! A good portion of the hardscape (concrete) near the tree will be replaced, and much of the lighting in the caves will be replaced while adjustments will be made for the disabled.

Expeditions into the Cabane de Robinson will start again on September 10, 2016.