Exciting news for fans of the magical world of Disney! The first trailer for **Descendants: The Rise of Red** has just been released, giving us a tantalizing peek into what’s in store. This latest installment introduces intriguing new characters and takes us on a fantastical journey to Wonderland.

In this new chapter, we follow the adventures of Red, the spirited daughter of the Queen of Hearts from the enchanting land of Wonderland. Portrayed by Kylie Cantrall, Red will face off against her formidable mother, played by none other than pop star and TV personality Rita Ora. Alongside Red is Chloe, Cinderella’s daughter, brought to life by talented actress Malia Baker. Adding to the nostalgia, singer Brandy reprises her iconic role as Cinderella, a character she famously portrayed in the 1997 film.

The storyline kicks off as Red is invited to Auradon Prep by the new headteacher, Uma, daughter of the sea witch Ursula and played once again by China Anne McClain. Things soon spiral into chaos when Red’s mother, the Queen of Hearts, stages a coup to seize control of Auradon using her loyal playing-card soldiers. To thwart her mother’s plans, Red embarks on a time-traveling quest with Chloe, using a magical pocket watch that might bring back memories of the White Rabbit from the classic tale.

Fans can look forward to the film’s release on Disney+ on July 12. Until then, Disney enthusiasts are encouraged to share their thoughts about the trailer. Does the next Descendants installment look like it will live up to the magic of its predecessors? What are you most excited to see in this time-traveling adventure?

Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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