Exciting News, Disney+ Fans! Two of DC’s Most Popular Movies Now Available for Streaming

Disney+ is known for its extensive catalog of superhero films, and now the streaming giant has added an unexpected twist by including two major DC films: *Joker* and *The Batman*. This move reflects a new, more flexible approach in the streaming industry, as Warner Bros., the studio behind these DC masterpieces, has started lending its popular films to other platforms. It’s a phenomenal moment for superhero fans, as you can now enjoy both Marvel and DC cinematic experiences under the same subscription!

Marvel has been a powerhouse in the cinematic universe since 2008, achieving staggering box office success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With blockbuster hits like *Avengers: Endgame*, *Black Panther*, and recent additions like *Shang-Chi*, Disney+ has a treasure trove of Marvel content. The catalog expanded further in 2019 with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, bringing along beloved *X-Men* and *Fantastic Four* movies. Now, Disney+ also features some of Sony’s *Spider-Man* films and related villains like *Venom*.

On the other hand, Warner Bros.’ streaming platform Max (formerly HBO Max) holds an impressive array of DC content. However, with the growing demand for flexibility in streaming options, Warner Bros. has started sharing some of its prized DC assets, allowing movies like *The Batman* and *Joker* to appear on Disney+ for Hulu subscribers. *The Batman* scored an impressive 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed over $772 million, while *Joker* stunned the world with over $1 billion in earnings and two Academy Awards.

But how did these DC titans land on Disney+? Thanks to Disney’s majority stake in Hulu, acquired through its purchase of Fox, content from Hulu is accessible on Disney+ for subscribers with a Hulu bundle. So, if you have Hulu through your Disney+ subscription, you’re in for a double treat!

This collaboration between Disney and Warner Bros. is a noteworthy shift in the industry, promoting a more open dialogue for content sharing. While it doesn’t signal a Marvel/DC crossover just yet, it does indicate that the lines between competing studios are blurring, much to the delight of superhero enthusiasts.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think about this new addition to Disney+? Will you be watching *The Batman* and *Joker*? Share your comments below and invite your friends to join in the conversation. Happy streaming!

[Original source: Screen Rant](https://screenrant.com/the-batman-joker-disney-plus-hulu-streaming-explained/)