Exciting Changes Unveiled at Downtown Disney!

If you’ve recently strolled through Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, you might have noticed a dazzling new addition. As part of the ongoing transformation seen throughout different spots, a massive new entrance sign now welcomes guests into the vibrant shopping and dining district. This sleek and stylish sign immediately grabs attention, providing a grand, modern feel as you pass through security beneath it.

This new entrance is just a glimpse of the larger vision Disney has for Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Resort. DisneylandForward, a multi-year public planning effort with the City of Anaheim, aims to update existing development approvals, allowing Disney to make significant investments in the area. Just last month, the Anaheim City Council gave its final nod to Disney’s ambitious $1.9 billion expansion plans, sparking excitement for the future (Source: [Anaheim City Council Approval](https://allears.net/2024/05/07/news-disney-confirms-its-1-9-billion-expansion-plans/)).

So, what can we expect from this colossal investment? Disney has teased a slew of enticing projects revolving around beloved franchises such as Coco, Black Panther, Tangled, Frozen, Zootopia, Peter Pan, Tron, and Toy Story. These projects promise to enhance the magic and allure of the resort, potentially transforming it into a realm of even more captivating experiences (Source: [DisneylandForward Projects](https://allears.net/2024/01/24/disney-proposes-new-frozen-tangled-projects-as-part-of-1-9-billion-investment/)).

According to Dennis Speigel, owner and founder of International Theme Park Services, this expansion is “long overdue – this is decades overdue.” He forecasts a dramatic increase in Disneyland Resort’s annual visits—from an estimated 25 million to 40 million over the next 20 years (Source: [Dennis Speigel’s Prediction](https://allears.net/2024/06/03/something-new-has-arrived-at-downtown-disney/)). This increase undoubtedly points to a future filled with even more visitors eager to experience the magic.

But what does this mean for your future visits? If you plan to visit soon, you’ll get to enjoy the resort with potentially lower crowd levels before the expansions kick in. However, waiting for another year or so might offer the opportunity to experience a Disneyland brimming with new attractions and updates, albeit alongside larger crowds.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these exciting developments! Are you planning to visit before or after the expansions? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to stay tuned to Mickey News for the latest updates on Disneyland Resort. Your adventure into the ever-evolving world of Disney awaits!

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