Disney made a bold move in 2014 by not just remaking their 1959 animated classic “Sleeping Beauty” but breathing new life into it through the eyes of its infamous villain, Maleficent. This fresh twist, starring Angelina Jolie as the complex and formidable dark fairy, captivated audiences and became a standout flick of the decade. But, if you were hoping to revisit “Maleficent” on Disney+, you’ll have to put a pin in that plan — at least for now.

Although “Maleficent” is a Disney production, it is currently unavailable on Disney+ in the United States due to pre-existing streaming rights agreements. Before Disney+ was launched, Starz secured the rights to stream “Maleficent,” and those rights haven’t expired yet. This contract means that, for now, you can catch the film on Starz. Once the pact concludes, it’s expected that “Maleficent” will find its rightful place in the Disney+ library.

In the meantime, Disney fans can delight in knowing that the sequel, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” is available on Disney+ in the U.S. Watching the follow-up film dives deeper into Maleficent’s evolving character and elaborate fantasy world. Released in October 2019, the sequel might not have wowed all the critics, but it certainly struck a chord with fans, earning its spot on Disney+ just a few months after its theatrical debut.

Despite the somewhat lukewarm critical reception, “Mistress of Evil” has its loyal followers eager for more. With Disney’s smart, forward-thinking move to ensure this sequel was streaming on their own platform, subscribers had one more exciting reason to join Disney+ early on.

It’s good news that we can enjoy the second film on Disney+, but many fans agree that having both movies on the same platform would offer a more seamless viewing experience. There’s a lot of buzz and curiosity about whether “Maleficent 3” is on the horizon. Will Disney grant us another chapter in Maleficent’s tale? Only time will tell.

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