Disney California Adventure has pulled the plug early on its Club Pixar dance party, leaving fans both surprised and a bit disappointed. Originally launched during Pixar Fest, which kicked off on April 26th, the show was slated to run until August 4th. However, the music and dancing have come to a stop two months ahead of schedule, after what was meant to be a cocktail-infused nighttime rave turned out to be more of a kids-centric participatory event.

According to Disneyland officials, frequent guest feedback and practical operational logistics led to the early closure. The show, which featured DJ music, live performances, and Pixar-themed games, food, and drinks, quickly strayed from initially high expectations. Many hoped it would echo the vibrant atmospheres of the park’s past hits like the Mad T Party and ElecTRONica dance parties. Instead, attendees encountered a kid-focused show reminiscent of the “Disney Junior Dance Party,” complete with educational country line dances led by Woody and Jessie from “Toy Story.”

Live performances at Club Pixar included interpretive dances tied to Pixar classics like “Inside Out” and “Wall-E.” While these heartwarming shows were charming and worth watching, they lacked the rave-like energy older guests were anticipating. The show’s premature ending was first reported by MiceChat, noting that the June 2nd performance was the last for the Club Pixar dancers.

Even with the live show gone, guests can still immerse themselves in Pixar magic at Disney California Adventure. From 4:30 to 8:30 PM daily, Pixar-themed games, movie screens, atmospheric music, and delicious food and beverages will continue to captivate visitors in the Hollywood Land backlot during Pixar Fest.

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For original reporting on this story, check out the Orange County Register’s coverage [OC Register Link].