Disney magic is spreading to the silver screen once again! This time, the spotlight is on Club 33, the ultra-exclusive dining club nestled in Disneyland near the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride—a nod to Disney’s longstanding tradition of transforming theme park attractions into cinematic gold.

Renowned family film writer Darren Lemke, known for his stellar work on “Goosebumps” and “Shazam!”, has been chosen to craft the script for the Club 33 movie. The film will transport audiences to a fantastical realm, perfect for a story set in a place as secretive and enchanting as Club 33 itself. Behind the scenes, the talented team at 21 Laps Entertainment, including Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen, is set to produce. This is the same creative powerhouse behind hits like “Stranger Things” and “All The Light We Cannot See.”

The plot is already stirring excitement, described as a delightful mix between “Clue” and “Night at the Museum.” It will follow a young aspiring detective who is invited into the mysterious Club 33, where historical icons gather. When a murder shatters the club’s serenity, this young sleuth must rise to the occasion and unmask the culprit.

This project continues Disney’s rich tradition of drawing cinematic inspiration from its theme parks. Success stories like “Pirates of the Caribbean” turned attractions into pop culture phenomena, and Disney is ready to capture that magic again with Club 33. Other ventures like “Jungle Cruise” and “Haunted Mansion” highlight both the challenges and triumphs in bringing rides to life on screen.

For Disney enthusiasts, this film promises a thrilling exploration behind the velvet ropes of a world many only dream about. Club 33, originally opened in 1967, holds a legendary status among Disney fans. Initially a hidden haven for Walt Disney to entertain celebrities and dignitaries, it has expanded globally to Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland, maintaining its air of exclusivity while becoming a subject of fan fascination.

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