Disney magic is all set to take on new heights with an upcoming film inspired by one of its most exclusive haunts: Club 33. Known for its mystique and luxury nestled in New Orleans Square, just a few steps from the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Club 33 is now transitioning from a members-only dining experience into a captivating cinematic adventure. The world-renowned director Shawn Levy, celebrated for his work on films like “Deadpool” and “Night at the Museum,” is poised to bring this legendary Disney locale to life on the big screen.

In true Disney fashion, the story unfurls around Kim, a spirited young detective from New York who finds herself at the heart of a gripping mystery, thanks to an enigmatic invitation to Club 33. The screenplay, penned by Darren Lemke, takes viewers on a whimsical journey through a place where time and space warp around historical geniuses and royal figures. As tension builds within the sumptuous walls of the club, a murder shakes the foundation, leading Kim on a thrilling quest for the truth. The narrative promises to blend charm, adventure, and intrigue reminiscent of the successful formula behind Levy’s “Night at the Museum.”

Producers Dan Levine and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps Entertainment are betting on this film to follow in the footsteps of Disney’s previous theme park-themed blockbusters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Jungle Cruise.” They aim to capture the essence of Club 33, a place surrounded by lore and exclusivity since its inception in 1967, and bring it to a broader audience while retaining its mystique.

Disney fans and moviegoers alike can anticipate a tale that seamlessly blends elements of fantasy and reality, inviting us to explore one of Disneyland’s most secretive and luxurious corners like never before. Levy’s unique storytelling flair and Lemke’s imaginative script are sure to enchant audiences and leave lasting impressions. This venture exemplifies Disney’s ongoing success in translating the allure of their park attractions into cinematic treasures.

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