🌟 Attention Disney fans! 🌟 Dive into the enchanting world of Disney’s latest animated delight, “Wish,” now shining bright in its Arabic version thanks to an incredible talent from Simcoe County, Ontario.

Meet Rana Adel, the voice behind the spirited character “Asha,” a young girl whose heartfelt wish upon a star leads her on a magical journey. Disney’s “Wish” follows Asha as she battles to save her kingdom from an evil king, with the star’s enchantment guiding her path. 

Rana embarked on an exciting adventure of her own, traveling to Egypt last November for an immersive three-week recording experience. She’s no stranger to the world of voice dubbing, having brought life to beloved characters like The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel in Arabic adaptations. However, Rana says Asha holds a special place in her heart.

“She’s so expressive. Sometimes she’s so joyful, sometimes she’s singing; I’m making this wish so something better would happen for us. There’s so many different aspects of her character I can relate to. Even the director told me not to act or try to do something, but actually feel, and understand and connect to her so I can deliver the way she does,” Rana shared.

This soulful connection translates beautifully on-screen, offering a fresh, authentic experience for viewers who can now enjoy Disney’s magic in their native language. While she celebrates her recent successes, Rana is already dreaming of future projects, but taking a well-deserved moment to bask in the glow of “Wish.”

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