Exciting news for Disney fans! According to Deadline, “Inside Out 2” is gearing up to make an impressive splash at the box office, potentially reaching an astounding $85 million in its domestic opening weekend on June 14. This would mark the best opening for any film this year and potentially signal a much-needed turnaround for Disney’s animated features.

The anticipated release of “Inside Out 2” is set to be monumental, especially considering Disney’s recent struggles. Films like “Wish,” “Elemental,” and “Lightyear” have all fallen short of expectations, making this upcoming Pixar-produced sequel a beacon of hope. Notably, “Wish” debuted with a dismal $19.7 million despite a hefty $200 million budget, and “Elemental” opened to an underwhelming $29.6 million.

Disney’s box office woes have extended beyond its animated offerings. Live-action films like “The Marvels,” “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” and “Haunted Mansion” have similarly performed below par. Disney CEO Bob Iger acknowledged these struggles, attributing the company’s recent stumbles to a misplaced focus on quantity over quality during a November earnings call.

Beyond Disney, the entire film industry has faced challenges with box office sales lagging behind pre-Covid levels, as streaming services continue to rise in popularity. However, “Inside Out 2” could break this trend, aiming to capture audience hearts and generate substantial box office success.

Interestingly, if “Inside Out 2” reaches the upper end of its box office projections, it could eclipse other major releases this year, such as “Dune: Part Two,” which raked in $82.5 million. It would also end a near-decade-long streak by being the first time in over ten years that no film had crossed the $100 million mark in its first six months of release.

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