A magical new week of Disney mailbag is here, and I’m joined by my good friend Zach Perilstein from Boardwalk Times to help answer your burning questions from the Disney universe. If your question didn’t get answered, be sure to visit BoardwalkTimes.net for part two of this week’s mailbag.

First up, the much-anticipated “Marley” musical by Bill Condon, possibly starring Ian McKellan, seems to be in limbo. According to Skyler, Condon is now focused on his new project, “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” but given Condon’s great relationship with Disney, don’t count out “Marley” just yet.

New rumors are floating around about Jennifer Lee’s future at Walt Disney Animation Studios following the lukewarm reception to “Strange World” and “Wish.” Zach points out that CEO Bob Iger is pushing creatives to take more responsibility for financial outcomes. While hits and misses are part of the industry, it’s clear Disney had high hopes for these films.

On the live-action front, everyone’s buzzing about how Dwayne Johnson will embody Maui in “Moana.” It’s early days, but if Skyler had to guess, Johnson’s already imposing build means we might see him in his natural form with some Maui hair magic, rather than relying heavily on CGI.

Some projects are currently on pause, like the David Gordon Green Disneyland/Walt Disney film, which faces rights issues. This project may pivot to a theatrical release if it resumes.

There’s also good news for Muppet enthusiasts! While a new Muppet-based biopic is in the works focusing on Jim Henson, the future projects involving our beloved Muppets seem murky following the cancellation of “The Muppets Mayhem.” Skyler reveals that Adam F. Goldberg, co-creator of the show, is passionate about continuing with our felt friends, suggesting that someone new might need to inherit this beloved franchise within Disney.

We’re also hearing whispers of a new princess feature in early development, possibly steering us back to the era of grandeur Disney princess tales. And for all you “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans, something may be on the horizon!

As for Marvel and Pixar’s recent downturns, both studios are working hard to rekindle the magic. Zach has faith in Pixar heads Lee and Docter despite recent flops, believing they’ll continue to deliver the captivating stories we’ve come to love.

Finally, for those inquiring about the DisInsider Show, Skyler provides a heartfelt update. Although it may not return soon, Skyler guides fans to explore other fantastic shows like “News From The Castle” and “Walt’s Apartment.”

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