Big changes are afoot at Pixar as part of Disney’s latest strategic overhaul! Roughly 175 talented individuals at the animation powerhouse are facing layoffs, marking a significant 14 percent reduction in staff. This move is part of Disney’s broader cost-cutting initiative aimed at steering its streaming division back toward profitability.

As early as January, the plan to downsize was on the table, but now it’s clear: Pixar will pivot away from original Disney+ content to refocus on theatrical feature films. This shift underscores a notable return to the studio’s roots, emphasizing the magic of the big screen experience.

Pixar has faced a tough few years, with its previously unshakable legacy hit hard. Disney has acknowledged that releasing films like “Soul,” “Luca,” and “Turning Red” directly on Disney+ during the pandemic might have shifted audience expectations. This strategy arguably affected the box office performance of the “Toy Story” spin-off “Lightyear.” However, last year’s “Elemental” eventually won over audiences through glowing word of mouth, despite a slow start.

Pixar’s future begins to crystallize next month with the release of “Inside Out 2,” a highly anticipated sequel that could reignite the studio’s legacy of storytelling mastery. Meanwhile, the larger Walt Disney Animation Studios is doubling down on its beloved franchises, with sequels to “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” “Zootopia,” and “Moana” in the pipeline.

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