Attention all Disney enthusiasts! Hold onto your Mickey ears because Disneyland’s elite members-only restaurant, Club 33, is heading to the big screen! This exciting new project is brought to us by Goosebumps writer Darren Lemke and the prolific director and producer, Shawn Levy, known for Deadpool and Wolverine. This adaptation is being crafted under Levy’s production company, 21 Laps Entertainment.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, confirmed by our sources, Levy will be producing alongside Dan Levine and Dan Cohen. The film is said to capture the mystery and whimsical tones reminiscent of Clue and Night at the Museum, a blend sure to intrigue both mystery buffs and Disney fans alike.

The story follows a young detective named Kim, hailing from present-day New York, who unexpectedly receives an invitation to the extraordinary Club 33. In the movie’s universe, Club 33 exists outside the boundaries of time and space, bringing together geniuses, royalty, and influential figures from history. Upon her arrival, a murder shakes the foundation of this prestigious club, and Kim is tasked with unraveling the mystery.

Not only does this project delve into the mythical world of Club 33, but it also joins a growing list of Disney Parks-inspired adaptations. Notably, Ron Moore is creating a Disney+ series about the Society of Explorers and Adventures, another thrilling venture that delves into the lore behind Disney’s attractions. Additionally, Ryan Reynolds is working on a film about a fictional organization from Tokyo DisneySea.

For those who may not be in the know, Club 33 was established in Disneyland Park in 1967, modeled after VIP lounges that Walt Disney observed at the New York World’s Fair. Although Walt never visited due to his untimely passing, Club 33 opened posthumously, offering a high-end experience, including the rare opportunity to enjoy an alcoholic beverage within Disneyland’s borders. Today, Club 33 has expanded to various locations worldwide, including Tokyo Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort, and several spots across Disney World, adding a layer of luxury and exclusivity to the Disney experience.

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