Disney fans, have you heard the magical news? A Springwater, Ontario resident is at the heart of Disney’s latest enchanting tale, “Wish,” but with a twist – it’s entirely in Arabic! Rana Adel lends her voice to the spirited protagonist, Asha, in the Arabic version of this captivating film.

The movie transports us to a vibrant kingdom where young Asha wishes upon a fallen star, only to find it brimming with magical powers. Asha, together with this wish-granting star, embarks on a thrilling journey to save her kingdom from a sinister king. Rana’s heartfelt and emotive portrayal adds a unique flair to this cherished story.

Rana traveled to Egypt last November for the recording, spending three immersive weeks bringing Asha to life. She shares, “Asha is incredibly expressive. Sometimes joyful, sometimes singing, and always driven by hope. The director encouraged me to genuinely feel and connect with her character, rather than just act.”

This isn’t Rana’s first time gracing the screens with her Arabic voiceovers for Disney. She previously worked on the Arabic versions of “The Little Mermaid” and “Rapunzel.” However, she admits that Asha holds a special place in her heart, allowing her to deeply resonate with the character’s aspirations and emotions.

As she basks in the joy of her recent accomplishments, Rana plans to take a short break before diving into her next exciting project.

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[Original Source: CTV News](https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/simcoe-county-resident-voices-disney-s-movie-wish-1.6898658)