For decades, Disney has enchanted audiences with its impressive lineup of films, whisking us away to fantastical worlds and introducing us to unforgettable characters. Among these cherished gems is the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise—an exhilarating adventure set across the perilous seas. While many fans recognize its origins in the Disneyland ride, fewer are aware of its deeper, more historical influences from a vintage Disney classic: “Treasure Island.” This pioneering film has subtly steered the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise into the profitable and beloved series it is today.

“Treasure Island,” Disney’s first live-action feature-length film, is a timeless tale of boyhood adventure and the treacherous pursuit of pirate treasure. Set in motion when young Jim Hawkins stumbles upon a pirate’s map, the journey that ensues is fraught with danger, deceit, and derring-do. The film, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s enduring 1883 novel, preserves the essence of the story and symbolizes a groundbreaking achievement in Disney’s history, marking its impressive transition from animation to live-action cinema.

Disneyland’s iconic “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride carries nuanced echoes of “Treasure Island.” For instance, the ride intended to feature a life-size model of the Hispaniola, the ship from “Treasure Island,” although this plan never came to fruition. The connective tissue of this historic film reaches even further across Disney’s offerings, finding life again in the 1996 beloved “Muppet Treasure Island” feature, which added a whimsical, Muppet-filled twist to the classic tale and resonated well with audiences, grossing a substantial $47.2 million.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” masterfully weaves elements of “Treasure Island” into its own narrative. From the foreboding Jolly Roger flags to the eerie sea chantey “Dead Man’s Chest,” the franchise acknowledges its predecessor while crafting its gripping universe. The musical undertones and nautical symbols evoke a continuity of pirate lore that binds these stories together, showing a reverence for the adventurous spirit of “Treasure Island.”

Despite its influence, “Treasure Island” often fades into the background compared to its swashbuckling descendant. However, with Disney+ now streaming this pivotal classic, there’s a golden opportunity for a new generation to discover and appreciate its role in shaping Disney’s pirate sagas. As rumors of a sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie swirls, could it be time for “Treasure Island” to anchor itself once more in the spotlight?

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