Magic around every corner, beloved characters coming to life, and delectable treats – these are the things that make Disney magic truly enchanting. As a special surprise for fans, some of Pixar Fest’s beloved novelties from Disneyland Resort are making their way to Walt Disney World! Prepare yourselves, Disney devotees, because the highly coveted Pizza Planet Truck popcorn bucket is driving across the country to delight guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios later this month.

One of the most eagerly anticipated items, the Pizza Planet Truck popcorn bucket, is not just a container; it’s a toy and a souvenir that has captured the hearts of Disney enthusiasts. This fun novelty item, originally introduced at Disneyland’s Pixar Fest, cleverly holds a standard popcorn box in its bed, ensuring that your popcorn remains fresh. A delightful bonus? The truck features pull-back acceleration and includes a removable green alien driver dressed in a Pizza Planet uniform. Fancy a sneak peek? Check out the amusing Instagram post by Laughing Place.

But that’s not the only treat making its way to Hollywood Studios. Alongside the Pizza Planet Truck, you’ll also find the equally popular Slinky Dog Sipper. Both novelties will be available starting June 10th at various popcorn and vending carts throughout the park. So, while you’re wandering through the studios, make sure to snag these delightful keepsakes.

And for those of us who revel in themed deliciousness, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will launch a selection of exciting Pixar-inspired treats on the same day. Don’t miss out on the indulgent Incredibles Chocolate Cake at ABC Commissary, complete with dark chocolate ganache and vibrant buttercream toppings, or the ever-charming Mike Wazowski Cupcake at Backlot Express – a delightful mix of vanilla, raspberry jam, and pistachio buttercream. Kids and adults alike will adore Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie and the cute Cupcake à la Forky available at Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

So, as you plan your visit to experience these new magical additions, don’t forget to reach out to our friends at Mouse Fan Travel for all your Disney travel planning needs. They’re ready to assist with every detail to ensure your trip is as magical as the experiences awaiting you.

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