Disney has always known how to tug at our heartstrings, but even the most ardent fans may not realize the hidden gem that is the 1995 classic, *A Goofy Movie*. Despite strong VHS sales and a direct-to-video sequel in 2000, the film has largely flown under the radar—until now. On May 20th, 2024, everything changed during the Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Line. Directors Christopher Ninness and Eric Kimelton unveiled “Not Just a Goof,” a compelling work-in-progress documentary that offers the reverence *A Goofy Movie* has long deserved.

The documentary goes deep into the making of *A Goofy Movie*, presenting it as an underdog project in much the same way as an indie film striving for recognition in a world dominated by heavyweights. Featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes content, deleted songs and scenes, and newly recorded interviews with key figures like director Kevin Lima and voice actors Bill Farmer (Goofy) and Jason Marsden (Max), “Not Just a Goof” satisfies long-time fans craving detailed insights. Venturia Animation Studios adds a unique touch, animating segments in the iconic style of *Goof Troop*.

For Disney history buffs, “Not Just a Goof” serves as an unintentional sequel to Don Hahn’s “Waking Sleeping Beauty,” spotlighting the Disney Renaissance era. It delves into the transformative phase within Disney, driven initially by Jeffrey Katzenberg, who envisioned the project as a test bed for faster and more economical animation production. The documentary captures the highs and lows of this era, adding a new layer of intrigue and nostalgia for fans.

What sets this documentary apart is its sentimental pull. Intertwined with the creators’ interviews, the film showcases heartfelt fan stories that highlight why *A Goofy Movie* holds a special place in many hearts. Directors Ninness and Kimelton leave their personal motivations for telling this story until the very end, making for a truly touching narrative arc. This is a documentary crafted by fans, for fans.

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