Disneyland’s Fantasmic! has once again lit up the night sky, but this time, its return has sparked some controversy among fans. With the reopening set during a bustling Memorial Day weekend, eager audiences flocked to Frontierland only to find some beloved elements missing from the iconic show. Notably, the show saw the removal of Aladdin and Jasmine’s magic carpet flight and a significant change to Peter Pan’s Tick Tock Crock, now represented as a screened moment rather than its classic in-water version.

As the dazzling performances of Mickey Mouse and Goofy attempted to weave their magic, whispers and grumbles filled the air. The decision to cut these memorable scenes has upset many park-goers, leading to mixed reviews. Online forums and social media have been ablaze with discussions, with some labeling the revamped show as a “massive flop.”

Despite these changes, there are still some bright spots that fans have appreciated. Mickey’s original appearance sequence has been praised, and the improved fireworks have added a magical touch. However, the absence of the Fantasmic! dragon—a crowd favorite—has left a noticeable void, even with the added fire effects across the stage.

Pros and cons of the show have been widely debated on platforms like Reddit. While some fans value the nostalgic elements that remain, others are disappointed by the perceived downsizing of character presence and the lack of certain showstopping moments. The debate over the new version’s permanence continues, with many hoping that Disney will take fan feedback into account and bring back some of the missing magic.

What do you think of Disneyland’s updated Fantasmic! show? Is it a fresh take on a beloved classic, or does it fall short without certain iconic elements? Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the conversation. For more updates and stories from the magical world of Disney, keep following Mickey News!