The holiday season is about to get a whole lot more magical with the launch of Disney Music Group’s first-ever multi-spot advertising campaign for the beloved Disney Hits playlist. Titled “Magic Happens Here,” this enchanting campaign, created in collaboration with The Escape Pod and brought to life by Gravity Well Studio, aims to bring a sprinkle of Disney enchantment to everyday moments.

Disney Hits, the renowned streaming playlist, compiles the most iconic Disney songs from the past 100 years, offering an irresistible trip down memory lane for music lovers of all ages. With an impressive average of 90 million monthly streams, this playlist is your go-to destination for classics and contemporary hits alike, available on every major music-streaming service around the globe.

To kick things off, three captivating spots will debut in the U.S. this holiday season, before expanding to Canada and the U.K. in 2024. Rob Souriall, VP of Marketing at Disney Music Group, shared that these English-language ads may soon feature localized versions with local casting and languages to resonate with an even broader audience.

But the magic of this campaign doesn’t stop at the videos. Disney Music Group’s strategic approach incorporates a variety of media, including search, social, TV, and radio, ensuring that Disney Hits remains a constant companion for fans 24/7/365. Notably, the Disney Hits SiriusXM Channel (133) plays all the cherished tunes, coupled with special shows and interviews, offering a radio experience like no other.

Disney Hits is aimed at a broad audience, captivating everyone from grandparents to young kids. The playlist is meticulously curated to feature around 100-120 songs at a time, optimized and updated weekly with new releases and data-driven adjustments. Listeners can’t alter the Disney Hits Playlist, but premium subscribers can create their own custom playlists on streaming platforms.

Disney Hits makes it effortlessly simple for families to enjoy timeless Disney music as the soundtrack to their everyday lives. Whether you’re gathering around for family time or seeking a nostalgic moment, just ask your voice-activated device to “Play Disney Hits.”

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Source: Laurie Sullivan at MediaPost.