There was a quacking good time at Hong Kong Disneyland last night as Disney’s beloved Donald Duck celebrated his 90th birthday in grand style. The celebrations were nothing short of spectacular, drawing fans from all over to honor the iconic character who has been a cornerstone of Disney magic for nearly a century.

Photos from the event have emerged, showcasing the elaborate festivities that took place. Disney Live Entertainment pulled out all the stops with a stunning show featuring live music, energetic performers, and a host of Disney characters. But the highlight of the evening was undeniably the special projection on the castle, dedicated to Donald Duck. It was a heartwarming tribute to the feisty yet lovable duck, making the night truly unforgettable.

Donald’s 90th birthday celebrations extend around the globe, but Hong Kong Disneyland has set a high bar with their incredible nighttime event. The love for Donald isn’t limited to fireworks and fanfare. Recent releases like the “D.I.Y. Duck” short, Donald’s first appearance in a Walt Disney Animation Studios short in 57 years, have also joined the festivities, bringing joy to audiences everywhere.

Adding to the fun, Disney has rolled out a range of delightful merchandise and treats honoring Donald’s milestone. From sweet confections to collectible items, there’s something for every fan to enjoy. Disney Parks around the world have embraced the celebration, making sure that no duck gets left behind.

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