Disney magic never dims, and the recent discovery of some rare Sherman Brothers tapes confirms just that! These long-lost recordings, revealed by Disney music historian Randy Thornton, feature riveting conversations between legendary songwriters Richard M. Sherman, his brother Robert B. Sherman, and the enchanting “Mary Poppins” creator, P.L. Travers. Who knew that decades later, these tapes would provide us with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of Disney’s classics?

Richard Sherman, who recently passed away at 95, left behind more than just memorable tunes. In a heart-to-heart with Thornton, Sherman confided about the precious reels he had kept hidden in his personal archives for over 60 years. Among these archival gems were intimate story meetings also involving the esteemed screenwriter Don DaGradi. “This is ‘fly on the wall’ stuff,” says Thornton, describing it as a time capsule of creativity.

These revealing conversations capture a dramatic, yet deeply creative period when P.L. Travers had profound reservations about Disney’s portrayal of her cherished characters — tensions immortalized in the 2013 film “Saving Mr. Banks.” Now, these tapes will finally make their way to audiences via the new podcast series, “Disney: A Recorded History.” Hosted by Thornton, this 12-part series promises to transport listeners through Disney’s enchanting past, featuring excerpts right from Walt Disney’s own narratives.

As you tune into the podcast, expect to hear some extraordinary moments—conversations recorded in Disney’s backyard that served as the groundwork for Diane Disney Miller’s book “The Story of Walt Disney.” Covering the origins of timeless tales like “Steamboat Willie” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the series delves into various milestones, including the ingenious Silly Symphonies and the unforgettable “Three Little Pigs.”

Whether it’s uncovering Disney’s wartime efforts or the birth of “Bambi,” each episode is a treasure trove of Disney history. So, prepare to embark on a magical auditory journey filled with stories directly from the hearts of Disney’s own legends.

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