A social media storm erupted this week over a serious incident at Walt Disney World Resort that allegedly involved a young guest’s severe allergic reaction. A concerned mother, in a video that swiftly went viral on TikTok, accused the beloved theme park of mishandling her daughter’s anaphylactic emergency triggered by cross-contaminated churros.

The Walt Disney Company has long been lauded for its inclusive food allergy policies, listing allergy-friendly dining options on its website and allowing guests to consult with chefs at various park locations. Despite these measures, this family contends that Magic Kingdom Park cast members fell short during a crisis.

The mother (@raisinghumanx3 on TikTok) asserted that her daughter initially enjoyed churros without issue but encountered a life-threatening reaction on their subsequent visit. According to the mother, the churros had been cross-contaminated, prompting an immediate allergic response. Frustratingly, the family claimed they sought immediate medical attention on-site but were instead advised to go to the First Aid center or even off-site to an emergency room—a delay that heightened their distress.

In her now-deleted video—preserved and shared by former Disney cast member @sthooch—the mother recounted, “Disney almost killed my daughter.” She criticized the cast members for purportedly refusing immediate on-site intervention and for suggesting transportation options she deemed unsuitable given her daughter’s condition.

While at Disney’s First Aid Center, the family became frustrated when told by the nurse that their daughter required more medical attention than could be provided there. Misunderstandings and paperwork only added to their anxiety. Ultimately, they administered an Epipen within the center and opted to stay for the observational period recommended for such reactions.

The mother’s video has sparked a heated debate, with many Disney Parks enthusiasts and former cast members defending the staff’s protocols, which mandate offering First Aid at least three times and suggesting emergency services for serious incidents.

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Credit to [Inside the Magic](https://insidethemagic.net/2024/06/disney-world-allergies-almost-killed-child-jc1/) for the original story.