The magic and melody of Disney struck a nostalgic chord with the recent unearthing of never-before-heard recordings of the Sherman Brothers. The celebrated songwriting duo, whose harmonious pieces have defined generations of Disney magic, are once again bringing joy with these latest discoveries. This unique treasure trove, reported by *Variety*, showcases conversations with none other than Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers, bringing a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into Disney history.

For those unfamiliar, the Sherman Brothers are the genius minds behind beloved Disney classics such as “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” “Winnie the Pooh,” and the universally iconic “It’s a Small World.” These brothers have weaved a tapestry of musical memories adored by Disney fans worldwide. These newly discovered recordings, nestled within the recently deceased Richard Sherman’s personal collection, are set to provide listeners with extraordinary insight into the creative processes that brought these songs to life.

Veteran Disney music historian Randy Thornton holds these prized recordings, describing them as “a snapshot in time, capturing a moment in history, behind the scenes with creative minds.” Amongst the highlights of these tapes are dialogues with P.L. Travers—an author famously known for her initial resistance to Disney’s vision of her cherished character, Mary Poppins. Travers’ dynamic interaction with the Disney creatives was even dramatized in the 2013 film *Saving Mr. Banks*.

These invaluable recordings will be featured in a new podcast series titled *Disney: A Recorded History*. This 12-part series, which premiered today, is available on platforms including Apple and Spotify. Thornton, who also hosts the series, promises to provide essential context for these rare recordings, offering audiences an intimate look at Walt Disney and his collaborators’ creative synergy.

The climactic final three episodes of the podcast will delve into the Mary Poppins discussions, promising to be a captivating listen for Disney enthusiasts. Tapping into these golden archives is akin to finding a hidden chapter in Disney’s storied legacy, and one can only imagine the joy it will bring listeners.

We invite you to stream *Disney: A Recorded History* and immerse yourself in this historied audio experience by clicking [here]( What are your thoughts on this remarkable discovery? Share your thoughts and engage with us in the comments below! Let’s celebrate the timeless enchantment of Disney together.