I recently returned from a bucket list Grand Canyon tour on the Adventures by Disney Arizona and Utah vacation. I spent a week exploring some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes and now that I’m back I’m ready to share it with all of you!

While there are endless exciting adventures to be had, here were my top five personal favorites:

  1. White Water Rafting on the Colorado River
    Gliding along the mighty Colorado River, surrounded by red rock canyons and the natural wonders of this picturesque landscape, made for a rafting journey like no other. Just as exhilarating: The numerous friendly water fights that broke out between rafts along the way!
  1. Feeling the Power of Sedona
    You may have heard that Sedona holds a special energy that many travelers flock there to experience. And truthfully it was hard not to be lulled into the quiet serenity and beauty that surrounded me in this almost magical red rock setting.

  1. Dining on Navajo Tacos Al Fresco
    It’s no secret that tacos are pretty much my favorite food. Being able to indulge in tasty Navajo-style tacos while taking in views of Monument Valley and learning more about Navajo culture was truly an experience to remember.
  1. Staying on the Rim of the Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon offers stunning views from the South Rim, and they are truly an awe-inspiring sight. Staying at a hotel on the rim meant I was able to explore this wonder at both sunrise and sunset, when the sunlight best magnified the rich hues of this breathtaking landscape.

  1. Hiking to Delicate Arch
    The highlight of this trip for me had to be stepping into the surreal landscape of the sandstone arches in Arches National Park. While the park boasts more than 2,000 sky-scraping arches, the most impressive is the Delicate Arch, which is known as the state symbol of Utah. And for good reason – standing under this 64-foot-high arch was absolutely breathtaking.

Which natural wonder do you most want to see on the Adventures by Disney Arizona and Utah vacation?