Get ready to ignite with excitement, Mickey fans! The Disneyland Resort is turning up the heat as the fiery Anger from Pixar’s *Inside Out* and its highly-anticipated sequel, *Inside Out 2*, makes his grand debut at Disney California Adventure during the whimsical celebration that is Pixar Fest. This marks Anger’s first appearance as a meet-and-greet character, just in time to celebrate the sequel’s theatrical release!

Anger, one of Riley’s spirited emotions from the original and sequel films, has stepped out of the movie screen and into the real world, ready to meet guests at the Pixar Pier Promenade. Known for his explosive temper and deep concern for fairness, Anger is a character that fans, both young and old, resonate with. He now joins his emotional counterparts Joy and Sadness, making for a memorable guest experience at Pixar Fest, which runs through August 4th.

Pixar Fest is an immersive celebration of Pixar Animation Studios’ most beloved stories. Visitors to the Disneyland Resort will delight in a multitude of offerings, featuring beloved characters and cherished moments from animated classics like *Toy Story*, *Monsters, Inc.*, *The Incredibles*, and *Cars*. Newer fan favorites such as *Coco*, *Turning Red*, and *Soul* also get their moment to shine, alongside the vibrant new tale of *Inside Out 2*.

The synchronicity of Anger’s debut with the release of *Inside Out 2* couldn’t be more perfect, making it a thrilling time for fans to visit Disney California Adventure. Whether you’re reliving the emotions of Riley’s mind or exploring the vibrant festivities of Pixar Fest, there is an abundance of memories waiting to be made.

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