Disneyland Resort has been blessed with a cosmic wave of Stitch merchandise just in time for June 26, affectionately known as 6/26. With his endearing antics and misadventures, Stitch remains a beloved character, and this assortment hits all the right notes for fans. We embarked on a quick jaunt to Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure to get the scoop on the latest treasures, part of the all-new Disney Celebration Crew line.

First up, for $59.99, the Stitch 626 Celebration Crew sweatshirt is an absolute stunner. This black jersey bursts with blue-green designs, portraying Stitch amid a galactic backdrop with planets, stars, and even tropical elements like flowers and palm trees. The left breast proudly showcases Stitch’s iconic grin alongside his experiment number, “626.” The back continues the vibrant theme with emboldened “Stitch” lettering adorned with more themed graphics.

For those who adore the synergy of fashion and function, the Stitch 626 Loungefly Mini Backpack, priced at $98, will certainly catch your eye. With black pleather crafting and debossed designs of Stitch and Scrump, this backpack radiates with neon celestial and floral elements. The top half dazzles with black sequins, adding a glamorous touch to the playful aesthetic.

On-the-go fans will love the Stitch 626 Belt Bag, available for $34.99. This seafoam green belt bag features a black strap and zipper, and Stitch’s playful spirit is beautifully embroidered alongside his devoted buddy, Scrump. The intricate details, like flowers and waves, ensure this is not just a bag but an accessory brimming with character.

Don’t miss out on the Stitch Attacks Snacks collection, also making waves this June, inspired by everyone’s favorite morning treat—donuts! For a full guide and to explore more, follow Disneyland News Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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