As a trusty contributor to Mickey News, I’ve got the latest scoop that’s sure to thrill Disney fans worldwide. With the excitement building for Pixar’s highly anticipated *Inside Out 2*, Disney parks from Orlando to Shanghai are rolling out some tantalizing new treats and delightful merchandise celebrating this latest addition to the Pixar family.

Firstly, right in the heart of Walt Disney World at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, guests can dig into the *Inside Out 2 Petit Cake* and sip on a *Feeling Kinda Blue-berry Chai Iced Latte*, available from June 10th through July 14th. Trust me, these delectable delights are as charming to the taste buds as they are to the eyes!

Meanwhile, over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the *Feeling Kinda Blue-berry Chai Iced Latte* is also making a splash and will be available until July 26th across locations like Market, Neighborhood Bakery, and Catalina Eddie’s. Don’t miss the *Frazzled Float* at Epic Eats, a refreshing treat that’s perfect for those steamy summer days, available from June 10th through September 6th. Kids dining in the park can also grab a specialty character cup at several sit-down spots, including 50’s Prime Time Café and Hollywood & Vine—talk about sipping in style!

Hop across the country to Disneyland Resort where an *Inside Out Anxiety Straw Clip* debuts on June 14th; it’s the quirky must-have for anyone who understands the adorable neurotic charm of our anxious friends. At Disney California Adventure’s Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, you can satisfy sweet cravings with the *Sadness Cheesecake* available now through June 29th or the *Joyful Cheesecake*, served from June 30th through August 18th. Who knew emotional eating could be so themed?

The celebration is bitingly international with Disneyland Paris offering *Inside Out-themed Doughnuts* in a variety of flavors from June 19th. Hong Kong Disneyland also joins the fun with savory *Inside Out-themed Popcorn Scoops* available in garlic, wasabi, and hot jalapeño flavors until September 1st. Last but not least, Shanghai Disney Resort presents a themed specialty souvenir cup, available from June 13th through August 31st, perfect for Disney memorabilia collectors.

Pixar Fest continues at Disneyland Resort until August 24th, bringing even more themed food, entertainment, and experiences. Even though one experience recently got the axe based on guest feedback, there’s still plenty to explore and enjoy.

We’d love to hear your take—Which of these new treats tempts you the most? Are you planning to catch *Inside Out 2* in theaters? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep the conversation going with fellow Disney fans. As always, stay tuned to Mickey News for more enchanting updates from the happiest places on Earth!