Pixar fans, rejoice! Disneyland has launched a whimsical treasure hunt for the beloved Pizza Planet delivery trucks during Pixar Fest, and it’s nothing short of magical. Across Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney, Disney artists have ingeniously hidden 52 mini replicas of the familiar yellow trucks, transforming them into intricate pieces of art that blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

This playful homage to the ‘Toy Story’ franchise challenges guests to find the trucks tucked away in attraction queues, restaurants, shops, and even hidden within rides. Imagine spotting a truck-turned-sleigh driven by Santa’s elves at the Plaza Pointe Holiday Shop or finding one disguised as a Star Wars droid piloted by Baby Yoda in the Star Wars Trading Post.

The trucks aren’t just static decor; they’re inspired by the $27.79 collectible popcorn buckets sold exclusively during Pixar Fest. These buckets double as delightful keepsakes with features like lights and moving parts. They’ve been cleverly reimagined for the hunt, appearing as everything from carnival-style rides to steampunk inventions, making every discovery a delightful surprise.

Kel Warner, a blogger and vlogger, documented her family’s journey as they tracked down 51 of the 52 trucks. The hunt, which spanned three separate visits, offered endless excitement albeit tiring challenges. Especially tricky was locating a truck camouflaged along the Matterhorn Bobsled track – a white truck against the snowy backdrop, spotted only while racing at 27 mph!

Ready to embark on this enchanted quest yourself? Whether you’re a seasoned Disneyland visitor or a first-time guest, the hunt for these hidden trucks promises hours of fun and adventure. Share your experiences and any tips on finding these miniature marvels in the comments below. And don’t forget to invite fellow Disney fans to join the hunt by sharing this story!

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