It’s been more than a year since Disney Princess-inspired outfits caused quite a stir at Disneyland Park, and it seems history is repeating itself. Recently, a group of women engaging in Disney Bounding – a trend where fans wear outfits inspired by Disney characters – once again turned heads and sparked conversation amongst Disney Parks fans.

This latest buzz was reignited by a video from clothing designer Teresa Jack (@teresa_jack on TikTok), showcasing two women in dresses evocative of Cinderella and Aurora. These outfits, although not costumes in the traditional sense, blurred the lines of Disney’s dress code policy, which prohibits guests over 14 from wearing costumes. The rules exist to avoid confusion for young visitors mistaking them for official Disney Characters. However, the beautifully crafted dresses led many park-goers to request photos and autographs, causing quite the scene. Despite repeatedly clarifying they were not official Disney Princesses, the women had to keep moving to avoid breaching park guidelines.

The incident draws attention back to Disney’s dress code policies, which have seen varying interpretations over the years. A similar case from 2022 involved a mother and daughter asked to change out of their princess-inspired ball gowns at Disneyland Resort. The garments were deemed unsafe, as they dragged on the ground, contravening safety regulations. The mother later expressed her frustration online, noting she had worn the same outfits at Walt Disney World without issue.

The current kerfuffle gained significant traction on TikTok when Itzel Vega (@i.v1994) posted a video of the women filming in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The clip amassed over six million views, with viewers both criticizing and praising the impromptu princesses. The video even prompted viewers to identify an involved influencer known as Kel (@themeparkmom), who has had her share of controversies, including a past incident with a Downtown Disney Starbucks employee.

Some fans argue that these Disney Princess-inspired dresses stray too close to costume territory and violate park rules, while others feel that such outfits add a magical element to the Disneyland experience. With opinions split, this ongoing debate has stirred the Disney community once again.

What are your thoughts on Disney Bounding and the park’s costume policies? Do you think these princess-inspired outfits add to the magic, or do they blur the lines too much? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you’ve had any similar experiences at the Disney Parks! And don’t forget to share this story to keep the conversation going!