Mickey fans, hold onto your ears! Soon-to-be Disney Legend and former Disneyland Tour Guide, Martha Blanding, recently made a heartwarming appearance at Disneyland Paris, leaving an unforgettable mark on both the magic and the Cast Members there.

Blanding, who will be officially inducted as a Disney Legend at the upcoming D23 Ultimate Fan Event, shared her passion and wisdom with Disneyland Paris Tour Guides. Known for her empowering and trailblazing journey, Blanding started with The Walt Disney Company in May 1971, and over the years, she has become much more than a guide—she’s become a beacon of inspiration. Disneyland Paris President Natacha Rafalski expressed the resort’s honor in hosting Blanding, highlighting how she imparted valuable tips on “creating happiness” with the current team.

The meeting was a picturesque and somewhat nostalgic scene. Blanding and a group of excited Cast Members stood against a backdrop straight out of a storybook—featuring a park filled with vibrant flowers, a statue, and an ornate building under an overcast sky. From hosting iconic celebrities like Elton John and Diana Ross to being one of the first Black women to hold key roles at Disneyland, Blanding’s history is adorned with groundbreaking milestones.

Blanding’s influential role extends beyond her guiding days. She co-founded PULSE, a Business Employee Resource Group aimed at supporting Black Cast Members and employees, reflecting her commitment to inclusion and representation. Her career, spanning over five decades, has been nothing short of a magical journey filled with both challenges and triumphs—a narrative she smiles through with great joy.

To celebrate her illustrious career, Blanding’s memoir “Groundbreaking Magic,” co-written with Tim O’Day, will be published on October 1. Already available for pre-order, this book promises to tell the captivating story of her life, from her early days in South Central Los Angeles to her historic career with Disney.

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