Over the past week, Disneyland Resort security faced a challenging situation when they had to remove two inebriated guests from the park. This incident, which was captured on video by TikTok user @lindseyonthedaily, quickly went viral, sparking discussions about alcohol consumption within the park. The video shows the tumultuous scene as the couple is escorted out, with the male guest loudly complaining about their treatment.

Alcohol has increasingly become a topic of concern at Disney parks, ever since Walt Disney’s principled stance against serving it has gradually softened. Nowadays, adult guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails and beverages across many venues in Disneyland Park, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure Park. However, not everyone is pleased with this development. The hefty price of these drinks hasn’t deterred some visitors from overindulging or even attempting to sneak in their own alcohol.

A significant faction of Disney fans argue that the availability of alcohol can lead to unsuitable behavior—something particularly alarming when families and young children are present. The disturbance caused by the intoxicated couple has only fueled this debate further, with many advocating for stricter regulations or even an outright ban on alcohol in the parks.

Responses on social media have been strongly divided. One commenter lamented, “Disneyland is for families, children, not for people [to] act out especially because of alcohol.” Another concurred, suggesting that Disneyland should never have introduced alcohol in the first place, especially given the potential for rowdy behavior to mar the experience for younger visitors.

Incidents like this raise a broader question: should Disney parks reconsider their policies on alcohol? Disneyland’s security team did their part by promptly handling the situation without it devolving further. As always, it’s a delicate balance between enhancing adult enjoyment and preserving the family-friendly atmosphere Walt Disney envisioned.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Should Disneyland Resort, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure Park restrict alcohol sales? Share your views in the comments below, and don’t forget to engage in the discussion with fellow Disney enthusiasts! The conversation continues, and your perspective is invaluable.