Exciting news for Marvel fans and theme park enthusiasts! Brace yourselves, as an era at Disney California Adventure is about to close its chapter. According to The Orange County Register, the mystic-centric “Doctor Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts” show located in Avengers Campus is drawing the curtains on its spellbinding performances.

Disneyland has officially reported June 30th as the show’s final day, though their website intriguingly lists performances only through June 22nd. This magical show has enchantingly invited guests to embrace the mystic arts by helping to harness the energy flowing from other dimensions. The interactive and immersive nature of the show has been a standout attraction in Avengers Campus since its debut.

The closure of the Doctor Strange show adds to a series of notable changes at the park. Recently, the popular Club Pixar also shut its doors earlier than anticipated. Additionally, Disneyland Entertainment has seen significant developments with the unionization of its cast members, which shines a light on the evolving landscape of the resort’s entertainment offerings.

Marshal Knight, a seasoned pop culture author based in Orlando, FL, brings this news to our Disney-loving community. Known for his eclectic tastes and humorous writing style, Knight has a knack for capturing the magic of Disney news (even if his last birthday party was themed around daytime television, shocking his friends and family alike).

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Source: [The Orange County Register](https://www.ocregister.com/2024/06/05/disneyland-closing-doctor-strange-show-in-avengers-campus/)