Disneyland guests were in for quite a shock this past Wednesday morning. Strolling innocently into Tomorrowland, they were taken aback to find that their beloved Space Mountain had undergone a mysterious, overnight transformation. No, this wasn’t the return of the Hyperspace Mountain overlay that brings a Star Wars twist to the classic ride. The surprise left visitors both puzzled and curious.

Space Mountain, a staple in Tomorrowland across Disney parks around the globe—from Magic Kingdom to Disneyland Paris—has seen its fair share of updates and overlays. The latest change was spotted by Reddit user u/rosariobono, who caught sight of a sign for “Rockit Mountain” at the entrance to the Disneyland Park version. This unexpected re-theme resurrected memories of the Rockin’ Space Mountain era when the ride featured music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Imagineers had initially conceived Rockit Mountain as a nighttime experience, yet it soon became an all-day event due to its popularity.

Rockin’ Space Mountain first debuted at a special Grad Night in 2006 and featured the iconic sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Guests enjoyed a rock-fueled journey through space with an electrifying soundtrack and enhanced lighting effects. However, this overlay was short-lived and concluded in April 2007, alongside Rockin’ California Screamin’ at Disney California Adventure.

Former riders of Rockin’ Space Mountain fondly remember the unique experience. User u/freyakitty shared their nostalgia, stating, “I rode [it] probably 100 times and it has been the soundtrack in my mind ever since!” Another fan, u/keanovan, echoed this sentiment, adding that the re-theme likely won’t return since the Incredicoaster now occupies the former California Screamin’ track.

Disneyland visitors, what are your thoughts on this surprising, albeit temporary, change? Have you ever experienced one of the special overlays? Share your memories and opinions in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this story with fellow Disney enthusiasts!

Credit: Jess Colopy, Inside the Magic.