Get Ready for a Splash-Tastic Summer at Shanghai Disneyland!

Shanghai Disney Resort is kicking off the summer season with a lineup of vibrant entertainment, new characters, delicious menus, and stylish merchandise, creating the ultimate getaway for friends and families from June 21 to August 31. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures or relaxing moments, this summer’s offerings are not to be missed.

Among the exciting additions, Partysaurus Rex from Pixar’s “Toy Story” series is making a splashy debut. For the first time ever, Rex dons his partying outfit from the Pixar short “Partysaurus Rex” and turns up the fun in the Backyard Splash Around area in Disney•Pixar Toy Story Land. It’s a playful and interactive water zone perfect for cooling off while dancing along with everyone’s favorite animated dinosaur.

In celebration of Stitch Day on June 26, a special surprise awaits fans of the beloved “Lilo & Stitch” franchise. Stitch, along with his pink space-invader friend Angel, will be making random appearances in Tomorrowland. Visitors might encounter Stitch, Angel, or Lilo, adding a bit of mischief and delight to their day. Keep your cameras ready as these iconic characters bring cheerful chaos wherever they go.

For those who love rhythm and splashes, the Pepsi E-Stage is the place to be. Ralph and Vanellope from Disney Animation’s “Wreck-It Ralph” return with “Ralph Breaks the Dance Floor,” bringing electronic dance anthems and high-energy performances, complete with water splashing from the stage. Adding more beats, the JAMMitors transform ordinary bins and buckets into musical instruments for an electrifying summer performance.

Back by popular demand, the “Summer Blast” castle show, Disney “Explorer Band,” and the summer edition of “Swabbie Fight” return, promising myriad entertaining experiences. Plus, mark your calendars for July 15 when Disney Duffy’s Splashing Pre-Parade brings refreshing excitement as it makes its grand return to Shanghai Disneyland.

Summer treats and exclusive merchandise collections are sure to delight foodies and fashionistas alike. Dive into delectable seasonal menus and check out the newest Disney-inspired fashion and accessories to commemorate your magical summer adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your favorite summer moments at Shanghai Disneyland. Spread the word, and let’s make this summer the most memorable one yet!

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