Adventure Awaits at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Explorer’s Club Restaurant!

Calling all food adventurers! The Explorer’s Club Restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland has embarked on a delicious new journey, expanding its international offerings in the beloved “Explorer’s Semi-Buffet” menu. Nestled in the mystical Mystic Point area, this dining spot draws inspiration from the fictional wanderer Lord Henry Mystic, whose worldly travels have introduced a tantalizing array of global cuisines to guests.

Designed with an eclectic mix of five themed rooms, each reflecting different cultures, the restaurant presents a new culinary map that spans from China to Morocco! Let’s dive into some of these exciting new dishes. First stop: Morocco, where the Moroccan Lamb dish shines with a medley of spices, couscous, dried fruits, chickpeas, lemon, coriander, and minted yogurt. Indian Butter Chicken also makes a flavorful appearance with tandoori chicken, cucumber raita, and a lush curry sauce crafted from tomatoes, butter, and spices, accompanied by homemade mango chutney and biryani rice.

Chinese-inspired Pan-fried Salmon offers a twist with a hot salmon steak contrasted by cold soba noodles and wok-fried vegetables. For a vegetarian delight, the Italian-style Mushroom Lasagna layers homemade pasta with sautéed mushrooms, truffles, mozzarella, basil, and a signature sauce. And for the little explorers, nothing beats the whimsical Meatballs with Disney Characters Pasta, served with a playful banana mousse.

Another must-try is the Spice-crusted Sea Bass with its distinctive coconut moilee sauce, tandoori crushed potato, and crunchy okra. Hainanese Chicken, a rumored favorite of Lord Henry Mystic, comes with homemade sauces and winter melon soup. Lastly, the journey concludes with Moroccan Beef Kebabs, served with pita bread, pickled red onions, chickpea salad, raita, and chermoula vinaigrette.

So, Disney foodies, which dish will you dive into first? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts on this culinary adventure. For more updates on Disney dining, stay tuned to Mickey News! [Source:]

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