After investing $2 billion and overcoming pandemic-induced delays, the Walt Disney Co. has officially opened the doors to the sprawling Fantasy Springs addition at Tokyo Disney Resort. This remarkable expansion, spanning 1.5 million square feet, features new areas inspired by beloved Disney franchises Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. This impressive development is a cornerstone of Disney’s global 10-year, $60 billion investment plan for its parks, marking the largest addition to Tokyo Disney Resort since its opening over 40 years ago.

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Experiences, attended the grand opening ceremony alongside executives from Oriental Land Company, Disney’s Japanese partner. Iger expressed pride in the collaborative efforts, stating, “I am so proud of the richly immersive experiences we’ve created together, and I look forward to the bright future ahead of us here at Tokyo Disney Resort.”

The eagerly-awaited Fantasy Springs has truly enchanted the Disney fan community. Its rich blend of attractions, themed dining, and retail spaces promises a more enchanting experience. The Frozen Kingdom, for example, adds a majestic snow-capped mountain to DisneySea’s skyline and invites guests on an immersive boat journey through “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey.” Dining options range from the regal “Royal Banquet of Arendelle” to the delightfully themed “Oaken’s OK Foods.”

Capitalizing on a surge in tourism, Tokyo Disney Resort is prepared for a significant boost in visitors. The opening of Fantasy Springs is expected to elevate annual attendance to 29 million, up from 27.5 million last year. To accommodate this expected influx, the Fantasy Springs Hotel, with its luxurious rooms and private park entrance, also opened its doors. The high-end Grand Chateau rooms, starting at approximately $2,200 per night, have set a new benchmark for luxury at the resort.

Looking ahead, Disney and Oriental Land Company have ambitious plans, including the opening of the world’s first Wreck-It Ralph attraction by 2026. This ongoing commitment ensures that Tokyo Disney Resort will continue to be a top-tier destination for Disney enthusiasts around the globe.

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