Exciting news is brewing at Shanghai Disneyland as a recently leaked government document unveils plans for a colossal new attraction coming soon! This sneak peek into the future reveals that a massive roller coaster will soon make its way to one of Disney’s most expansive parks. The official announcement is expected to arrive on May 2, but the anticipation has already begun!

According to the details, this roller coaster will span an impressive 5.26 acres, making it one of the largest attractions at Shanghai Disneyland. The excitement doesn’t stop there; preliminary reports hint that this thrilling ride could be situated near the recently opened Zootopia land, adding another dimension of excitement to this whimsical area filled with vibrant buildings and playful architecture.

Shanghai Disney Resort, a joint venture between Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and the Shanghai Shendi Group, has been an emblem of enchantment since its grand opening on June 16, 2016. The resort has continually expanded, unveiling plans for a new 400-room hotel and dedicated theme park areas. This forthcoming roller coaster is set to elevate the park’s offerings even further, promising an electrifying experience for all thrill-seekers.

Zootopia, known as “City of Zootopia,” has enchanted visitors since its debut in December 2023. The immersive land seamlessly combines Disney’s imaginative storytelling with modern technology to create a uniquely enchanting experience. The addition of this roller coaster will undoubtedly enhance the land’s allure, aligning perfectly with Shanghai Disney Resort’s ethos of being “Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese.”

We can’t wait for the official announcement and more details about this exciting addition to Shanghai Disneyland! What are your thoughts on the new roller coaster coming soon? Share your excitement and join the conversation in the comments below!