Exciting times are ahead as the Shanghai International Resort, renowned as the home of Shanghai Disney Resort, embarks on an ambitious new project. Aptly named “Dongfang Lecheng,” this new endeavor is set to allure 10 million tourists annually and is currently inviting investments from global players.

Headlining the investment drive are financial powerhouses like Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young, all of whom have pledged their support, noted Fang Shizhong, head of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, during the opening ceremony.

Positioned across the river from the iconic Shanghai Disney Resort, Dongfang Lecheng spans a sprawling 2.8 square kilometers. Plans for the area are grand, including the construction of 2.2 million square meters of buildings and facilities. This will encompass 600,000 sqm of luxurious hotels, 780,000 sqm of entertainment and business venues, 600,000 sqm of residential areas, and 220,000 sqm dedicated to supporting infrastructure.

On completion, Dongfang Lecheng is expected to create approximately 30,000 jobs and will host a resident population of 17,000. This development not only signifies a colossal boost to the local economy but also envisions a synergistic relationship with the Shanghai Disney Resort. This interconnection aims to amplify the city’s tourism industry, amplifying visitor numbers and spending.

Impressively, the Shanghai International Resort, including the beloved Shanghai Disney Resort, set a new visitor record last year, with numbers soaring 44 percent from 2019 to 25.6 million. As revenues mirrored this surge, they reached an unprecedented CNY18.5 billion (USD2.6 billion), a substantial 84 percent increase.

Looking ahead, the Shanghai International Resort anticipates welcoming an astounding 70 million tourists annually, heralding an era of unparalleled tourism and economic prosperity for the region.

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