Get ready to mark your calendars, Disney fans! The newest and most exciting expansion at Tokyo Disney Resort, Fantasy Springs, is set to welcome guests starting June 6, 2024. Costing an impressive $2.1 billion, Fantasy Springs is the largest addition to Tokyo Disney since its grand opening in 1983, sprawling across an incredible 35 acres of creative magic.

In collaboration with Oriental Land Company (OLC), Disney aims to attract even more visitors to this expanded haven of joy. According to OLC’s financial reporting, the new Fantasy Springs is a major factor in the expected uptick in attendance at Tokyo Disney Resort, projecting a considerable rise in fiscal year 2025, with net sales expected to climb significantly thanks to international tourists and the allure of this magical new destination.

Located within Tokyo DisneySea, Fantasy Springs brings together otherworldly “ports” that showcase a blend of reality and creativity. From a hyper-realistic Venice to the vibrant undersea realms of The Little Mermaid, DisneySea effortlessly combines fantastical and real-life inspirations. Now, Fantasy Springs will add three enchanting new sections themed around Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled. It also introduces the luxurious Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, featuring two distinct areas: the opulent Grand Château and the charming Fantasy Château, designed to immerse guests in comfort and wonder.

Fantasy Springs is home to some incredible attractions. The Frozen Kingdom reveals Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, a six-and-a-half-minute adventure through Arendelle, featuring Disney’s latest advanced animatronics. Rapunzel’s Forest showcases Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, whisking guests through the magical world of Tangled, while Peter Pan’s Never Land offers two unique experiences: Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies and Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, combining physical sets and groundbreaking 3-D projections for a truly immersive ride.

Each area is adorned with its own culinary delights. Frozen Kingdom’s Oaken’s OK Foods and Royal Banquet of Arendelle provide tasty treats, while Rapunzel’s Forest features the cozy Snuggly Duckling pub. In Peter Pan’s Never Land, visitors can enjoy the whimsical offerings of Lookout Cookout and even grab roast beef-flavored popcorn from a themed wagon.

Fantasy Springs is poised to significantly elevate the magic of Tokyo Disney Resort. With an anticipated 5.4 percent increase in park attendance and substantial growth in hotel revenue, this new addition will usher in a new era of enchantment and financial success for Disney and OLC. Fantasy Springs invites both local fans and international travelers to be swept away by its impeccable storytelling and intricate design.

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