Excitement is soaring as Shanghai Disney Resort partners with China Eastern Airlines to introduce the new Disney•Zootopia Express, an aircraft-themed around the vibrant world of Zootopia! This spectacular collaboration celebrates the recent grand opening of Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disneyland, the world’s very first theme park land dedicated to the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

The Disney•Zootopia Express isn’t just a mode of transportation—it’s a flying extension of the magic found in Zootopia Land. This sixth Disney-themed plane in China Eastern Airlines’ fleet was revealed amidst great fanfare at a special Zootopia-themed “airport” in Shanghai. The ceremony saw a heartwarming appearance by Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, along with key Disney Resort and airline executives, and prominent figures like actress Wu Yanshu and singer Ayanga, who added starry sparkle to the proceedings as Honorary Zootizens.

Passengers aboard the Disney•Zootopia Express will delight in a myriad of themed elements. From the exterior featuring three-dimensional images of Zootopia characters to the interior brimming with customized luggage containers and fold-out trays adorned with maps of Zootopia hotspots, every detail has been meticulously designed. These features ensure that the magic of Zootopia accompanies guests throughout their flight, sparking endless excitement and anticipation!

But the magic isn’t confined to the airplane. Departing from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, travelers can check in at newly minted Zootopia-themed kiosks and counters, and even receive commemorative boarding passes. Additionally, a limited-time flight-hotel-park ticket promotion offers an enriched visit experience, including a stay at the Zootopia-themed Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and premium access to Zootopia: Hot Pursuit.

Joe Schott, President of Shanghai Disney Resort, summed up the thrill, expressing joy over the collaboration that encapsulates the spirit of Zootopia and transports it beyond the park. Wan Qingchao of China Eastern Airlines echoed these sentiments, marking the airline’s eighth successful year of collaboration with Disney.

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