Shanghai Disney Resort is set to take guests on an all-new musical adventure this summer with the debut of their exciting in-door live stage show, “The Adventure of Rhythm.” Hosted at the Storyhouse Stage in Adventure Isle, visitors can marvel at this toe-tapping journey from June 3 to October 7, 2024, without the need for extra tickets. The show promises a vibrant blend of musical styles, live performances, enchanting Disney stories, and a cast of seldom-seen characters, ensuring that every visit brings unique surprises.

In this original production, a group of archeologists who specialize in global music traditions welcomes audiences to Adventure Isle. Their mission? To uncover and share the mysterious “Rhythm of Adventure” through captivating musical numbers, brought to life by a talented ensemble of dancers and drummers. As the show unfolds, travelers will be whisked away on a journey through iconic Disney tales set across various world regions, featuring melodies and characters from classics like Moana, Mulan, Pinocchio, and more.

Music has been at the heart of Disney storytelling for over a century, and “The Adventure of Rhythm” continues this legacy by showcasing five distinct musical styles: regional, big band, hip hop, Latin jazz, and pop. Each style not only brings memorable tunes to life but also transports audiences on one of two possible adventures, meaning repeated viewings can reveal new characters and narratives, keeping the experience fresh and thrilling.

Among the delightful elements of the show is the appearance of beloved Disney characters, including those rarely seen elsewhere in the park. Audiences can look forward to magical moments with favorites like Marie, Genie, and Aladdin, who bring their stories to life through music. This dynamic setup ensures that every performance is infused with optimism, celebrating the universal language of music and its power to connect us all.

“The Adventure of Rhythm” is set to be a cornerstone of summer visits to Shanghai Disneyland, perfect for families and Disney enthusiasts alike. With its captivating performances and rich storytelling, it stands as a testament to Disney’s ever-evolving and immersive entertainment offerings. Mark your calendars and prepare to be enchanted by this musical masterpiece!

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