Exciting news from Shanghai Disneyland! Mark your calendars, Disney fans, because “The Adventure of Rhythm,” a new limited-time live stage show, is set to premiere in June. This vibrant musical journey will light up the Storyhouse Stage in Adventure Isle from June 3 to October 7, 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

The show takes its audience on a globe-trotting adventure that seamlessly blends a variety of musical styles with beloved Disney stories and a sprinkle of rarely-seen Disney characters. Each performance is tailored to create a unique experience, with different versions showcasing diverse rhythms and musical styles. Think of it as the ultimate musical safari, led by an enthusiastic team of archeologists who research and share music from different cultures worldwide.

Disney’s magic is fully woven into this original story, which features a team of archeologists on a quest to unearth the “Rhythm of Adventure.” With live drumming, dynamic dance performances, and dazzling costumes, the show is sure to captivate. Special appearances from cherished characters like Marie from “The Aristocats” and adventures tailored for kids and adults alike will illustrate how Disney continues to innovate in entertainment.

What’s particularly exciting is that “The Adventure of Rhythm” will spotlight five different music styles: regional, big band, hip hop, Latin jazz, and pop. Each style will guide guests through an adventure filled with unique Disney characters. Fans can look forward to hearing tunes from classics such as “Moana,” “Mulan,” “Pinocchio,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” and even the newer favorite, “Turning Red.”

For Disney enthusiasts who relish in the company of iconic characters set against captivating musical numbers, this show is not to be missed. Be sure to stay tuned to Mickey News for all the latest updates and sneak peeks as we get closer to the premiere.

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