A shocking incident recently jarred the beloved “It’s a Small World” attraction at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. Captured on video by TikTok user @jessicanookx, the footage reveals two children perilously sticking their hands into the ride’s murky water. Even more disturbing, the kids appeared to sip the contaminated water, which can contain harmful chemicals, discarded coins, and, unfortunately, urine from less considerate guests.

This isn’t the first time “It’s a Small World” has seen such unsettling behavior. In 2023, Inside the Magic reported a revolting episode where a family allowed their toddler to urinate directly into the ride’s water while in line, with the mother discarding used tissues into the water. Equally bizarre, an incident at Disneyland Park last November saw an adult make headlines for stripping naked and swimming through the ride, leading to his arrest for public intoxication.

The most recent incident escalated concerns about the ride’s water safety. Users on TikTok and other social media platforms were horrified by both the parents’ neglect and the potential health hazards. One user, @fungh0uls, shared their own grim experience with the dirty ride water, emphasizing the risks involved.

Taking a dip in this ride’s water isn’t just gross—it’s dangerous. The ride’s mechanics and electrical components pose serious injury risks. Disney cast members, equipped with rubber waders, take extreme precautions when evacuating the ride. The takeaway? Always notify a cast member if you notice unsafe behavior during your park visits.

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For more about this story and similar experiences, visit [Inside the Magic’s original article](https://insidethemagic.net/2024/05/its-a-small-world-kids-drinking-ride-water-jc1/).