Exciting news for Disneyland Paris visitors! A delightful new range of Perrier cocktails and mocktails has made its debut just in time for the Roland Garros tournament. Available at the Sports Bar until June 16, these refreshing beverages feature unique flavors, such as pineapple infused with cinnamon, pear puree, and cranberry nectar.

Adding to the fun, those who purchase one of these limited-time offerings will receive a stylish Perrier-themed gift! Depending on availability, you might walk away with a trendy Perrier hat, a cool cup, or fashionable sunglasses. It’s a perfect memento to commemorate your delicious French getaway.

But that’s not all! Alongside the Roland Garros beverages, new menus have rolled out at several popular kiosks, including Cool Post, L’Arbre Enchanté, and Ice Cream Creations. These spots are known for their enticing treats, and now they serve up even more culinary delights to enhance your Disneyland Paris experience.

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