Shanghai is soaring to new heights with the magical introduction of China Eastern Airlines’ latest innovation—a Zootopia-themed plane! Unveiled on May 24, this whimsical aircraft is the sixth Disney-themed gem to join the airline’s fleet, thanks to a collaboration with Shanghai Disney Resort. This airborne wonder coincides perfectly with the opening of the world’s first Zootopia land in Shanghai, which debuted just last year.

As you catch a glimpse of the vibrant Disney•Zootopia Express streaking across the sky, you’ll be treated to the flight’s unique three-dimensional exterior, where beloved Zootopia characters appear to be wind-swept by the plane’s velocity. Step inside, and the enchantment continues with Zootopia-themed luggage containers and fold-out trays adorned with a map of Zootopia land, making the flight an extension of Shanghai Disney’s immersive magic.

The aviation marvel was revealed during a special unveiling ceremony, hosted within a Zootopia-themed “airport” hangar in Shanghai. Among the special guests were residents and children from Cangyuan and Shuangjiang counties in Yunnan Province, who were invited to delve into the “dreams and wonders” along with famed Zootopia characters Judy and Nick. This initiative underscores China Eastern Airlines’ commitment to community engagement and creating magical moments for all.

For Disney enthusiasts, China Eastern Airlines has made it easier than ever to track these special flights. A designated Disney section on their mobile app allows passengers to view the schedules of all six Disney-themed aircraft up to three days in advance. This seamless integration is a boon for travelers eager to experience the Disney magic before even reaching the parks.

In other exciting news, Shanghai has launched a Shanghai Pass to simplify tourism for international visitors. Available at major airports and transportation hubs, this all-in-one pass covers various transport modes within Shanghai and extends to over 330 cities across China. From buses to ferries, and taxis, exploring iconic locations like Beijing, Guangzhou, and Xi’an has never been easier.

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