Get ready for an unforgettable musical adventure at Shanghai Disneyland! Starting June 3, the Storyhouse Stage will host “The Adventure of Rhythm,” a captivating new live show running until October 7. This indoor entertainment snugs guests into a whirlwind tour of global musical cultures through an original tale of adventurous archaeologists specializing in the study of musical instruments from around the world.

Audiences will be transported into a narrative where these passionate archaeologists are on Adventure Isle, enthusiastically sharing the enchanting rhythms and stories they have collected. The show promises an immersive experience that incorporates a rich blend of musical styles, live performances, and well-loved Disney stories with appearances by some seldom-seen Disney characters.

“The Adventure of Rhythm” features a series of musical vignettes that showcase five distinct musical genres: regional, big band, hip hop, Latin jazz, and pop. Guests can look forward to iconic songs from beloved Disney and Pixar films, including “Moana,” “Mulan,” “Pinocchio,” “The Aristocats,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” and “Turning Red.” Each performance will enchant audiences with its compelling lyrics and memorable melodies.

What makes this show truly stand out is its unique format, offering multiple versions of the performance. Each version represents one of two distinct adventures within the five musical genres, featuring different lineups of characters. This dynamic structure ensures a fresh and exciting experience for guests every time they attend the show, with the possibility to enjoy memorable moments with Disney favorites like Marie, Genie, and Aladdin.

Don’t miss out on this enchanting spectacle that is both entertaining and enlightening. “The Adventure of Rhythm” is sure to be a magical addition to Shanghai Disneyland’s lineup, offering a musical journey that resonates deeply with audiences of all ages.

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Source: SHINE Editor: Su Yanxian