Gather ‘round, Disney fans, because Shanghai Disneyland just unveiled a fabulous new show that promises to have you stretching like never before—with the delightful residents of Zootopia! Nestled in the ever-expanding and ever-enchanting Shanghai Disneyland, the “Try Everything: Disney Zootopia Yoga Show” has made its world debut, inviting guests of all ages to join in on a fun, kinetic performance.

At the heart of the show is Wax, Zootopia’s esteemed yoga master, who will guide you through invigorating poses and stretches. But Wax is not alone! The show features a cast of fresh characters from Zootopia, ensuring that every stretch and pose is filled with excitement and charm. Imagine striking a yoga pose alongside Judy Hopps or perfecting your form with the guidance of Nick Wilde. This unique addition to the park not only entertains but also promotes mindfulness and physical well-being.

For an exclusive sneak peek, head over to [Shanghai Disney Resort’s Instagram]( where you’ll find images and clips that capture the vibrancy and energy of this latest attraction. The visual spectacle and interactive elements make it a must-experience for visitors looking to add a little Zen to their magical day.

Shanghai Disneyland is having a stellar year with myriad new attractions. Take, for example, “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit,” a ride that’s been wowing visitors with its immersive narrative and thrilling sequences. For those who missed it, be sure to check out our full ride-through and photo tour [here](

And if that wasn’t enough, Shanghai Disneyland has also introduced the Zootopia Day Pre-Parade, a festive precursor to the main event that showcases the beloved characters in all their glory. As the sun sets, the park lights up with a special Zootopia-themed fireworks show, a spectacle you can catch a glimpse of [here](

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