Step into a galaxy far, far away—or at least a future that feels just as thrilling—as Disneyland Park guests are in for a delightful surprise. On a seemingly ordinary Wednesday, visitors to Tomorrowland were astonished to find Space Mountain transformed overnight. This wasn’t the annual Hyperspace Mountain makeover that usually has Star Wars fans buzzing. No, this was something entirely unexpected.

For those familiar with Disney’s penchant for evolving their attractions, the upgrade of Space Mountain isn’t completely out of left field. We’ve seen Walt Disney Imagineering work their magic on Space Mountain from parks as varied as Magic Kingdom to Hong Kong Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland’s version is still deep into its redo, anticipating a grand reopening in 2027. But what happened at Disneyland Park this week left fans spellbound and a bit confused.

A keen-eyed Reddit user, u/rosariobono, shared an image capturing a curious digital sign outside the attraction, reading “Rockit Mountain.” This name triggered a trip down memory lane for those who recall past overlays like “Rockin’ Space Mountain” and “Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy.” But Rockit Mountain? That was something many hadn’t seen since its mysterious debut at a Grad Night in 2006. According to the user, this moniker was never part of the public overlay, which makes this sighting both rare and intriguing.

“Rockin’ Space Mountain,” for those who might not remember, was adorned with music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Designed to add an extra “rocking” element to the ride during the evenings, the overlay electrified the indoor roller coaster with an intense new soundtrack and heightened lighting effects. Operating all day from early 2007, it partnered with a similar retheme at California Adventure’s rockin’ California Screamin’, but neither has returned since April that year.

Despite its short-lived presence, fans have fond memories. “I rode it probably 100 times, and it has been the soundtrack in my mind ever since!” shared Reddit user u/freyakitty. Another user, u/keanovan, remarked on the unique experience, while lamenting the likelihood of its return, especially with California Screamin’ now rebranded as Incredicoaster.

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